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Electric Utility HR Benchmarking
Electric Talent Acquisition Group  (EU-TAG) S004-2
Talent Acquisition - Community of Practice  (SS004-2)
“Benchmarking the Electric Utility Talent Acquisition Function”


EU-TAG Community of Practice

The Electric Utility Talent Acquisition Group (EU-TAG) was formed to develop a benchmarking of the Staffing & Recruiting/Talent Acquisition groups to share best practices.  This group initially met in 2001 as a nuclear utility joint Annual NHRG Conference co-hosted with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) in Orlando, FL.  The conference invited  nuclear electric utility staffing & recruiting groups and university professors to consider the future significant recruiting needs and nuclear degrees needed for the nuclear power industry.  Some of the universities attending: Georgia Tech, NC State, University of Florida, University of Tennessee, etc).  We also invited the HR Director of the Kennedy Space Center (NASA) to present their HR Metrics process.  This is where both the TAG and HR Metrics groups got their start!!

In 2006, at the request of Dominion Resources and Tennessee Valley Authority, a group of electric utilities met in Nashville, TN (33 attended) to determine the need for benchmarking this staffing & recruiting function.  Those attending agreed that this was an excellent meeting and we should continue to meet.  In 2007, we formed a steering committee at a conference hosted by Progress Energy in St. Petersburg, FL.  We also joined with the Electric Utility HR Metrics group (one annual fee) at our 2009 conference hosted by Nashville Electric Service to expand the HR & Talent Acquisition metrics and TAG benchmarks (# recruiters, co-op programs, universities recruited, etc.  In 2012, we celebrated with the HR Metrics our 10th anniversary of providing this data!  The group is managed by an electric utility steering committee (see below).  The following are the benefits in participating in this group:

  • HR & Talent Acquisition Organization Chart

  • Talent Acquisition Resources & Methods Comparison  (includes systems, search firms, background clearances, training, etc)

  • Talent Acquisition Metrics & Benchmarks (included with Electric Utility HR Metrics)

  • EU-TAG Contact List (of all participating companies: name, title, email, phone number

  • TO OBTAIN DOCUMENTS in the EU-HRCP DOCUMENT LIBRARY Contact Rick Habegger at or call 919-367-9040 / 919-522-1521c  Note: Rick has agreed to maintain these files for the near future.

EU-TAG Conference Documents         

The following documents are available to all participating utilities.

Number   (Year)

Document Title/Heading


3.0) EU-TAG 2013 Documents file                          


TAG Resources & Methods-TEMPLATE

Comparison by Electric Utilities on Resources and Methods used in TAG (includes System vendors, background clearances, training of recruiters/line management interviewing, etc)


Power and Utilities’ Changing Workforce

Price Waterhouse Cooper presented on tomorrow’s Power and Utility Workforce and some Demographics; challenges for utilities; Knowledge Management; Impact of Information Technology for Efficiency and Effectiveness; Recruiting, Succession Planning and Retaining Talent; Engaging Pivotal Talent and final research and practical advice


Relocation Issues & Strategies -  Panel

- Technology: Cartus

- Real Estate: Weichert Relocation

- Relocation Policies:  Sirva Relocation

- U.S. Domestic Trends: Altair


Diversity Recruiting & Young Engineers

Nuclear Energy Institute report on diversity and young engineers; Liz McAndrew-Benavides Manager, Industry Infrastructure


Executive Assessments at PG&E

Overview presentation on what PG&E is doing in the exec assessment area – past state; why the need for change; researched conducted; current state with demonstrated benefits on hiring top grade talent.


Hiring Top Grade Talent

Hiring top grade talent, based upon a selection and hiring approach using a balanced scorecard and executive assessment strategy. Integrated selection solutions - ghSMART


CEWD Strategic Workforce Planning and UPDATE (2)

CEWD Strategies and Update (two presentations)



3.0) EU-TAG Documents file                                                                                                           


Jobs2Web- Search Engine Method  @Xcel Energy

Presentation on how Job2Web is being used at Xcel Energy in the Talent Acquisition group.  A method using the internet to direct candidates to your web site / SuccessFactors-Jobs 2Web  Steve Crumley, Director of Talent Acquisition


TVA Recruiting & Hiring Survey  2011 conducted by  PricewaterhouseCoppers (PwC)

TVA engaged PricewaterhouseCoppers (PwC) Saratoga to administer a recruiting and hiring survey to over 1,730 companies.  Purpose: to attain best practice information in support of TVA improvement initiatives with focus on hiring time (136 companies/various industries). Susan Stout, Sr Manager, Talent Sourcing &  Support Service, TVA


  Military-Recruiting PRGMS

    Hiring Our Heroes - Mr. Ross Cohen, Sr. Director, Hiring Our Heroes, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    Helmets to Hard Hats – Ms. Lisa Ford, Exec Asst Workforce Helmet to Hard Hats

    Troops to Energy Jobs Ms. Ann Randazzo, Director, CEWD-Center for Energy Workforce Dev

Three presentations of recruiting programs available for the electric utilities for placement of military personnel upon release

Note: the three presentations are combined into one power point (for ease of presentation)


CEWD Update – Tools – Resources

Update by CEWD (presentations 1 of 2)


CEWD Update – Tools – Resources

Update by CEWD (presentations 2 of 2)


Talent Acquisition Transformation at APS

Presentation on HR Transformation Journey which started in 2010 – looked at our entire beginning to end process and ended reformulation of the TA function


Metrics Application at Xcel Energy

Steve Crumley, Director of Talent Acquisition presentation on how metrics are being used at Xcel Energy in the Talent Acquisition group


The Evolving Business Case for Diversity – Key Note Presentation

Presentation on the Convergence of Strategic Diversity Management and Social Media to Find Diverse Top Talent.  Objectives:

1.   Census 2010 Data & the Changing Demographics

2.   Benefits/Central Themes-Strategic Diversity Mgmt

3.   Leverage Social Media-Recruit Diverse Top Talent

Videos not included in presentation but available at:

- New Look at Modern U.S. Families

- Social Media Revolution

- VisualCV

- Characters Unite

James E. Wright, PHR, Manager, Talent Acquisition Pipeline Development | NBC Universal Check Out My Professional Blog @ http://JamesWantsToKnowYou.Com/  


the following are the conference locations since 2001:





Mar 2001

NEI/NHRP Recruiting/HR Metrics Workshop

Recruiting Engineers for the future and benchmarking the utility industry with HR Metrics (presentation by NASA)

Orlando, FL

Apr 2006

TVA & Dominion Resources

EU-TAG (1ST Meeting to determine TAG benchmarking)

Nashville, TN

Apr 2007

Progress Energy

EU-TAG (1ST Mtg to benchmark & determine next steps)

St Petersburg, FL

May 2008

Luminant-Co-Host: STPNOC

2008 14th NHRG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Ft. Worth, TX

Apr 2009

Nashville Electric & TVA

EU-HRMG (6th Meeting Scott Madden) & EU-TAG (2nd Mtg)

Nashville, TN

May 2010

Duke Energy

2010 16th NHRG/8th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Charlotte, NC  

May 2011

APS-Palo Verde

2011 17th NHRG/9th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Phoenix, AZ  

May 2012

Constellation Energy

2012 18th NHRG/10th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Baltimore, MD  

May 2013


2013 19th NHRG/11th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Houston, TX  

May 2014


2014 20th NHRG/12th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conf-Vemo Inc

Cleveland, OH  

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