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NUCLEAR human resources Community of Practice (NHRG)

Nuclear Human Resources Group  (NHRG) S004-3

Nuclear Human Resources - Community of Practice (SS004-3)

“Benchmarking the nuclear human resources function"


NHRG Community of Practice

Rick Habegger, Principal, HR Strategies & Solutions, Inc (HRS&S) started the formation of the Nuclear Human Resource Group (NHRG) in 1986.  Rick was the new HR Manager at Turkey Point Nuclear plant when he contacted Dan Poling at INPO requesting information about the INPO Staffing Report.  Since he was new to the plant environment and commitments, he asked if the nuclear Human Resource Managers ever met and discussed issues including the anticipated NRC Rule on Fitness For Duty and Fingerprinting. Dan said they did not and he would be glad to support such an effort especially to discuss the staffing report.  The first benchmarking meeting was hosted at FPL in 1986 and with 17 utilities attending.  This told us …all were asking the same questions!!

We met again six months later (host: NU-Millstone Nuclear Station)…and the group started.  We formed under EEI as a sub-committee and consequently produced the EEI Fitness For Duty Implementation Guide to implement the new FFD NRC Rule.  In 1992, Rick left FPL to form HR Strategies & Solutions, Inc.  In 1995, CP&L (Progress Energy) hosted the first benchmarking conference under a new structure independent of EEI.  A Steering Committee was formed at that conference under the name: Nuclear HR Professionals. In 2002, the steering committee met at the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) in Washington and ultimately became known as the Nuclear Human Resources Group and became a community of practice (SS04) and the NHRG Charter was formed.  We also mapped the HR process, established teams to benchmark eight nuclear plants (selected from a ranking of top performers determined by ratings and lower cost per MWhr) and the first white paper was submitted to the industry.  This paper and the related process map formed the direction of this group.  From that point on…it is history.

HR Strategies & Solutions, Inc. has bee retained as the project management company since 1995.

NHRG Charter

The Nuclear Human Resources Group (NHRG) Charter is to ”Provide a forum for nuclear Human Resource practitioners to exchange information on Human Resource management issues that uniquely affect Nuclear Power Operations”  The NHRG meets the following objectives:

  • Commit to providing information in a timely and cost effective basis

  • Provide tools such as performance metrics, reports, and workshops that impact plant/utility costs

  • Continue the professionalism of the nuclear HR group

  • Identify methods and standards for controlling nuclear human resource costs

  • Continue to show value and to provide a cost benefit to the nuclear electric utilities

  • Continuous review and update of the NEI Standard Nuclear Performance Model and SS004 “Providing Human Resource Services”

NHRG Conference Presentations, Updates, Reports & Articles

NOTE: The following presentation(s)/report(s) are only available to participating nuclear/electric utilities or nuclear companies/vendors directly supporting nuclear power (e.g. construction, maintenance, etc).  Access and password required. The following are the benefits in participating in this group:

  • NHRG HR/Labor Relations/Total Rewards Contact List (of all participating companies: name, title, email, phone number)

  • Surveys & Benchmarking during the year (with participating electric utilities)

  • Nuclear Collective Bargaining Unit Agreements (CBA): maintain nuclear collective bargaining unit agreements for the nuclear plants.  An updated disk is provided at the annual conference to include all updated CBAs and the CBA Comparisons.  The CBA status is included on the NHRG Labor Relations contact list.

  • Nuclear CBA Comparisons (by nuclear plant site): this project was implemented by Exelon Nuclear and is maintained by the NHRG Project Manager.  The comparison includes each CBA and provides a comparison of wage increases (5 yr trend), hourly wages for some key positions, vacation/sick time by yrs experience, standard holidays, benefits, etc.

  • TO OBTAIN DOCUMENTS in the EU-HRCP DOCUMENT LIBRARY Contact Rick Habegger at or call 919-367-9040 / 919-522-1521c  Note: Rick has agreed to maintain these files for the near future.

If you have difficulty in downloading, please contact Rick Habegger, Project Manager (Electric Utility-HR Community of Practices) at / 919-367-9040.  Note: Rick has agreed to maintain these files for the near future.


NHRG Executive Committee


NHRG - EU-HRCP Charter, History and Documents

The following documents are available on the following zip files (see above)

Grp Year . #

Document Title/Heading



1.0) EU-HRCP CHARTER-HISTORY-SURVEY PROTOCOL zip file                        


Electric Utility HR Community OF Practice Group - Charter & ByLaws 2013

A charter for the EU-HRCP including charter, history and steering committees


EU-HRCP - History & Benefits

History and Benefits of EU-HRCP


EU-HRCP Survey Protocol Guide

Survey Protocol for EU-HRCP to conduct benchmarking surveys during the year


 (1A & 1B)

2013 Vendor Presentation (HRCP13.2.1A)

2013 Vendor One-Page Bios (HRCP13.2.2B)

Eight vendors recommended by the electric utility industry.  Vendors sponsor the breaks and off-set costs for the 19th Annual Conference


4.1) NHRG Documents file                         


Leadership Development & Succession Planning - ELI Group

Christina D. Williams, Ph.D,  and Andrea Mayfield Managing Directors


Organizational Effectiveness & Leadership Working Group Update

Debra Pool, Sr. Program Manager, Organizational & Human Performance, INPO


Legal Update on Employment & Labor Law

Update on key legislation, arbitration trends and NLRB decisions; John Wymer, Labor          Attorney Sherman & Howard LLC


Keynote: Impact of Leadership on an Organization

Dave Rencurrel, Sr. Vice President, Operations

STP Nuclear Operating Co


Employee Concerns, HR & Safety Culture Issues Panel

Panel on Roles and Protocol; Karen Greig

Vice President, Human  Resources – Exelon; Phyllis Hurst, Labor Relations Manager, Southern Nuclear; Shawn Flaherty, Manager Employee Relations STPNOC; Chris Cocchiarella, Director EEO, Employee Relations & Acting HRBC Xcel Energy


Leadership’s Role in Improving Industrial Safety

Mike Bryce, VP HR Nuclear Division, NextERA


New Plant Construction & HR-Southern Nuclear

Southern Nuclear Plant Construction and HR Update; Shane Camp, Director Human Resources, Southern Nuclear; Cheri Collins, Nuclear Development Director, Southern Nuclear


NRC-Human Capital Mgmt - 2012

2012 Presentation on how the NRC is tackling knowledge management and mid-career development of staff plus engagement with other nations working to monitor nuclear ops. Jody Hudson Chief Learning Officer, Nuclear Regulatory Commission


New Generation-Winning The War For Talent - 2012

2012 Presentation research on the drivers of engagement and what motivates employees.  This interactive FUN session will conclude with a focus on some very straight forward strategies to attract, engage and retain the new workforce. Diane Thielfoldt, The Learning Cafe


INPO Update: Organization Effectiveness Survey

2012 INPO Org Effectiveness Survey and discuss the following areas: Basis for survey on Leader Effectiveness; How to interpret Results and HR role and Top 5 Correlated Questions and impact on leadership effectiveness Bruce Toline Sr. Program Manager, INPO


Legal Update - Employment Law - 2012

2012 Update on recent and pending employment law legislation and significant cases. Denise Galambos, Associate General Counsel, Labor & Employee, Exelon Business Svcs Co., LLC


Energy Markets OVERVIEW - 2012

2012 Overview of the power martkets


Professional Development for the HR Professional

2011 Presentation of  HR Professional development programs to include competencies, diversity, what worked/not work, and Career Ladders for HR David Dubey, Sr. HR Manager Nuclear NextEra Energy-FPL


Electric Utility - Community of Practices  & Knowledge Mgmt

Update on the 9 of 10 original Community of Practices (CoP) that are still active and an opportunity for the EU-HRCP to take back the Knowledge Management as part of our Charter. This is a condensed version.


HR Support – Driving The Business - 2011

2011 How we support the CNO through Talent Management, Knowledge Transfer, Leadership Development at Constellation Nuclear

Sue Collins, Sr Vice President Human Resources , Constellation Energy Nuclear Group


NEI Nuclear Talent Task Force Update & Exelon Perspective

Update on the effort to recruit more diversity candidates into the nuclear power industry

Karen Greig, Director Human Resources

Exelon Nuclear-Kennett Square


Co-Employer Issues - Southern Nuclear

Co‐Employment Issues - Mitigation of issues with Contractors/contracting agencies-


NEI-NHRG HR Benchmarking Report March 2001 (rolled out-Orlando 04/01)

Our 1st Benchmarking  Report – we took teams of 3-4 to each of 8 top nuclear plants in the U.S. to benchmark what they were doing right and see if HR had anything to do with the top performing plt


NEI Significant Trends in Benchmarking 1997-2007 (including NHRG)

Benchmarking Trendsincluding the start of the NHRG, EU-TAG and EU-HRMG Benchmarking


NEI Communities of Practices – Update (including NHRG)

Update on the ten current Nuclear Communities of Practice as of Oct 2010 (including NHRG, Labor Relations, Total Rewards, EU-HRMG and EU-TAG)

TO OBTAIN DOCUMENTS in the EU-HRCP DOCUMENT LIBRARY Contact Rick Habegger at                              or call 919-367-9040 / 919-522-1521c


NHRG Conferences & Workshops

The following is a list of conferences and workshops hosted by the NHRG:





Apr 1995


1995 Annual Conference

Raleigh, NC

Apr 1996

PECO Energy

1996 Annual Conference

Philadelphia, PA

Apr 1997

Pacific Gas & Electric Co

1997 Annual Conference

San Francisco, CA

Sep 1997

NU-Millstone Station

Compensation, Aging, & Retention

Waterford, CT

Apr 1998

Consumers Energy & Detroit Ed

1998 Annual Conference

Ypsilanti, MI

Oct 1998

EdF/COGEMA/University Versailles

1st International Conference (13)

Paris, France

Apr 1999

Duke Power

1999 Annual Conference

Charlotte, NC

Apr 2000

APS-Palo Verde Station

2000 Annual Conference

Phoenix, AZ

Oct 2000

EdF-Blayais NPP-Bourdeax, France

2nd International Conference (39)

Bordeaux, FR

Oct 2000

Moscow Conference (WCNOC/IAEA)

Nuclear Safety, HR-Human Performance/Factors

Moscow, RU

Mar 2001

NEI/NHRP Recruiting Workshop

Recruiting Engineers for the future

Orlando, FL

Mar 2001

NEI/NHRP Benchmarking Conference

2001 Annual Conference-NEI

Orlando, FL

May 2002

NEI/NHRP Working Session

TVA-HR Metrics/Staffing/Comp

Nashville, TN

Aug 2002

Int’l Nuclear Atlantic Conference

Nuclear Human Resources

Rio de Janeiro, BZ

Feb 2003

NHRG-EEI Comp Workshop

NHRG-EEI-Towers Perrin

Atlanta, GA

May 2003

Southern Company

2003 Annual Conference

Mobile, AL

Jul 2003

NEI-NHRG Training/Project Team Mtg

NHRG Community of Practice Trng

Atlanta, GA

Apr 2004


2004 10th NHRG Annual Conference

New Orleans, LA

Apr 2005


2005 11th NHRG Annual Conference

Atlanta, GA

May 2006

FPL Nuclear

2006 12th NHRG Annual Conference

Palm Bch Grdns, FL

May 2007

Exelon Nuclear

 2007 13th NHRG Annual Conference

Chicago, IL

May 2008

Luminant-Comanche Peak/ / STPNOC

2008 14th NHRG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Ft. Worth, TX

May 2009


2009 15th NHRG Annual Conference

Atlanta, GA  

May 2010

Duke Energy

2010 16th NHRG, EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Charlotte, NC  

May 2011

APS-Palo Verde

2011 17th NHRG, EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Phoenix, AZ  

May 2012

Constellation Energy Nuclear Group

2012 18th NHRG, EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Baltimore, MD  

May 2013


2013 19th NHRG, EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Houston, TX  

May 2014


2014 20th NHRG, EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conference

Cleveland, OH  


NHRG History

The following is a summary of the evolution of the Nuclear Human Resources Group (NHRG):

  • EEI Task Force (1980-1984): a nuclear task force was formed under EEI with the sole purpose of exploring the difficulties of recruiting nuclear personnel, competition between the utilities, and a lack of communication between the nuclear utilities. The task force met and concluded with a national meeting with plus 175 nuclear HR professionals met to discuss these important issues. The task force was disbanded after this conference when EEI recommended that the existing EEI Executive Committee’s could handle the nuclear issues and an on-going nuclear committee was not formed.

  • Regional Nuclear HR Information Sharing Meetings (1985-1987): in late 1985, twelve nuclear utilities, with the support of Dan Poling, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) met in Miami, FL with host Florida Power & Light Company (R. E. Habegger, HR Manager, Turkey Point). The purpose of the meeting was to again resurface these issues for potential solutions, to share good practices, and to address issues that the EEI committees were not addressing and that unique to the nuclear utility. As a result of this initial meeting, other additional regional meetings were held and hosted by (# Utilities Attending): Boston Edison (14)-May, 1986; Louisiana Power & Light (22)-Jan 1987; Detroit Edison (22) - May, 1987; and Northeast Utilities (25)-Sep, 1987

  • Task Force-1987: in late 1987, it became apparent that, in order for the regional information sharing meetings to continue, the meetings would need more structure and the support of a current organization. A nuclear HR Task Force was formed out of the utilities attending the regional meetings. The purpose of the task force was to draft a charter and group objectives and to decide on an organization.

  • EEI HRM Advisory Committee Approval-1988: the task force, after meeting with Mr. Carroll Caffrey, Vice President, Human Resources-Northeast Utilities and Chair of the EEI HRM Advisory Committee, proposed that the group be established as a Subject Area Committee under EEI. The proposal was presented to EEI and the NHRP Committee was formed.

  • NEI Community of Practice-2000:  In April 2000, the Nuclear Human Resource Group agreed to sponsor an industry wide benchmarking project in human resources. The scope was defined by activity SS-004 of The Standard Nuclear Performance Model - A Process Management Approach, October 1998. A white paper was submitted to Nuclear Energy Institute for consideration to sponsor this industry benchmarking study.  This benchmarking project is a direct result of that effort and led to numerous representatives volunteering to support this effort. The objectives of this project were to:

    • Perform a baseline evaluation of HR

    • Identify and develop a process map

    • Select and visit at least five sites

    • Identify specific common practices and individual site best practices

    • Share process results across nuclear industry

    Human Resources Core Activities: investigated during this benchmarking were:

    • Compensation and Benefits

    • Workforce Planning

    • Organizational Development

    • Performance Management

    • Employee and Labor Relations

    • Human Resources Management

    Site Selections: the project teams selected eight top performing plants in the U.S./Canada based upon plant performance, cost per kilowatt-hour, survey responses (through NEI), and Human Resources Initiatives.  The sites and related corporate offices selected were: 

Nuclear Utility-Power Plant

Nuclear Utility-Power Plant

APS-Palo Verde Nuclear Station

PGE-Diablo Canyon Nuclear Station

Entergy-Arkansas Nuclear One Nuclear Station

Southern Nuclear-Vogtle Nuclear Station

Exelon-Limerick/Peach Bottom Nuclear Station

STPNOC-South Texas Project Nuclear Station

Ontario Power Generation-Darlington Nuclear Station

TVA-Watts Bar Nuclear Station


  • Project Teams and Site Visits: The NHRG Project Manager served as a subject area expert on the site visits; developed an interview process and related forms; and participated in the site visits to provide consistency for the site interviews.  Each team had a site coordinator which consisted of HR managers and HR Specialists from 16 utilities.  Two consulting group members from the NEI membership also participated in some of the visits. The teams started the on-site benchmarking in October, 2000.  The interviews were conducted with a cross-section of employees (top management to the worker) based upon process map areas of interest.  Interviewing teams then obtained additional details to describe the practices.  The benchmarking process used an aggressive and challenging schedule to reduce the time required to achieve results.  A final copy of this report, NEI Process Benchmarking Report (dated March 2001), is available through NEI or the NHRG.  The benchmarking team found that, to be most effective, human resources site teams had several common contributors and success factors such as:

    • Being an integral part of site management team being viewed as significant to success of the budget and planning process Being viewed by employees as adding value and dealing with employees honestly and fairly

    • Responding to requests in a timely manner and providing follow-up

  • NEI–NHRG Benchmarking Conference (2001):  the results of the industry-wide benchmarking were rolled out at the NHRG Annual Conference in Orlando, FL on March 28-30, 2001.  The NHRG also participated in a benchmarking of the nuclear recruiting area by co-hosting a “NEI-Industry and University Engineering Recruiting Workshop” on March 26-27 prior to the annual conference. 

  • NHRG Projects: the current project started by the NHRG are as follows:

    • Nuclear Total Rewards Benchmarking: implemented in 2001 to discuss benchmarking issues and work with Towers Perrin to benchmark nuclear jobs and compensation evaluation

    • Nuclear Collective Bargaining Unit (CBU) Agreements and Issues: this project maintains a web site where all nuclear plant labor agreements are posted for viewing.  The project team is planning their 2nd nuclear labor conference prior to the annual NHRG Conference at INPO on April 6, 2005.

    • Nuclear Staffing Numbers and HR Metrics: this project was completed in 2002 and is currently tracking nuclear power plant staffing numbers and HR metrics

    • Knowledge Retention: the project was rolled out at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) in a joint effort with the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) in Nov, 2004

    • Leadership Development (1st Line Supervisors): the project was rolled out at the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) in 2004.

    If you have any questions, contact the NHRG at or 919-367-9040. Rick Habegger, Project Manager (Previous HR Manager –  FPL)

For more information, contact us

Rick Habegger, Principal (Previous HR Manager-Florida Power & Light; and

previously project manager for the Electric Utility-HR Community of Practices)

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