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HR Strategies & Solutions, Inc.

Electric Utility HR Community of Practices

HR Strategies & Solutions, Inc (1992-Current)


HRS&S, Inc was incorporated in 1992 and provides HR services for:

  • HR Issues & Staff Augmentation

  • HR Benchmarking

  • HR Quality Improvement

  • HR Self Assessments

  • Support during peak workloads or turnover

Our team understands the challenges you are facing, coupled with a unique capability to resolve those challenges...with relevant, integrated solutions tailored to the specific needs of your organization......SINCE we have all been there!!!

Our Staff Augmentation Services

We place our people on your site for short-term assignments to work alongside of your people during work shortages or supplement re-orgs/turnover in Human Resource areas:

  • Talent Acquisition: On Site Recruiters; Competency Based Interview Process/Team Interviewing and Selection Matrix on key positions (Decision Analysis)

  • Position Descriptions-Job Competencies

  • HR Organization Chart review

  • HR Self Assessments and Benchmarking

  • Performance Management

  • HR Six Sigma (simplified)/Quality Management

  • HR Metrics and Analysis & Reporting

  • Management Training

  • HR Generalist Training Academy development

  • SCWE-Safety Conscious Work Environment Assessment & Training

  • Employee Concerns Program & Training

Electric Utility HR Community of Practices (EU-HRCP) (1986-July 1, 2014)


Rick Habegger, Principal Consultant for HRS&S, Inc started the EU-HRCP in 1986 while HR Manager at FPL (Turkey Point Nuclear Plant) in South Miami.  The groups ulitmately became Communities of Practice in 2002 under this web site for 20 years:

  • Electric Utility Talent Acquisition Group (EU-TAG) - S004-1

  • Electric Utility HR Metrics Group (EU-HRMG) - S004-2

  • Nuclear Human Resources Group (NHRG) - S004

  • Nuclear Labor Relations Committee - S004-5

  • Nuclear Total Rewards Committee - S004-6

In 2014, Rick managed a selection process for the EU-HRCP Steering Committees and turned the project management of the five groups over to the following organizations:


Electric Utility HR Community of Practices (Brief History; provided at Conference, May 2014)

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TO OBTAIN DOCUMENTS in the EU-HRCP DOCUMENT LIBRARY Contact Rick Habegger at or call 919-367-9040 / 919-522-1521c  Note: Rick has agreed to maintain these files for the near future.


How Did We Do...some comments:

“Rick placed Recruiters, HR Generalists, Compensation Analyst and an HR Vice President during our restructuring and merger with Dominion Resources.  Very effective when we determined we needed external experience.  This was the 2nd time we requested their help a year before in our corporate recruiting function to provide interview training (team method) & position descriptions                Manager Human Resources, Millstone Nuclear Station

“Rick re-designed our performance appraisals based on core competencies, implemented the training of all managers in nuclear.  This was so effective that corporate invited him back to lead a project for the organization to redesign the same process for corporate; redesigned our position descriptions into a 1-page format/matrix to compare positions for employee development."                        Manager Compensation, Progress Energy

“They placed three HR and SCWE Professionals on our DOT site in Anchorage, Alaska to manage the implementation of a new safety culture, SCWE and Employee Concerns Program to implement an NRC finding.  They developed both a safety culture survey, training, employee concerns program and follow-up training over a two year period                                                                                                Manager Safety, Department of Transportation-Anchorage

                    “Rick provided performance management update and training for our staff in Washington, DC."                                                             Manager HR, Bureau of Economic Analysis-Washington, DC  


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