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Electric Utility HR Metrics Community of Practice (EU-HRMG)
Electric Utility HR Metrics Group (EU-HRMG) S004-2
HR Metrics - Community of Practice  (SS004-2)
“Benchmarking the electric utility HR & Talent Acquisition Metrics and HR Issues”



EU-HRMG - Community of Practice

In 2002, at the request of Entergy, Southern Company, Dominion Resources, Exelon, Tennessee Valley Authority, JEA, LG&E Energy, Aquila and Westar Energy, the Electric Utility-HR Metrics Group (EU-HRMG) was formed to develop common HR Metrics for the electric utilities.  In the past 11-years, the Electric Utility HR & Talent Acquisition Metrics were developed and data collected for 2003-2012 (year-end data). 

The EU-HRMG has grown from the initial nine electric utilities to the following thirty-five (35) electric utilities. The raw data, annual report, scorecard and other information are the sole ownership of the participating electric utilities and are not controlled or retained by any vendor.  The group is managed by an electric utility steering committee.  Additional information and contact list information is available in the Participant Only section at

The following are the benefits in participating in this group:

  • HR & Talent Acquisition Organization Chart

  • HR & Talent Acquisition Metrics & Benchmarks

  • EU-HRMG Contact List (of all participating companies: name, title, email, phone number)

  • Surveys & Benchmarking during the year (with participating electric utilities)

  • Benchmarking Documents (2011-2014)  TO OBTAIN DOCUMENTS in the EU-HRCP DOCUMENT LIBRARY Contact Rick Habegger, Project Manager EU-HRCP at or call 919-367-9040 / 919-522-1521c

The electric utilities participating in data entry and/or reviewing the metrics are as follows (to be updated):

Small (<2,000 employees)

Mid-Size (2,000-5,000 employees) Large (5,000-10,000 employees) Very Large (>10k employees)

 Colorado Springs Utilities

Black Hills Corporation

Ameren UE

Consolidated Edison

 Edison Mission

Bonneville Power Administration

Arizona Public Service

Dominion Resources

Hawaiian Electric Company

Bruce Power

Consumers Energy

Duke Energy

 Nashville Electric Service

Constellation Energy Nuclear

DTE Energy



Idaho Power Company



  Kansas City Power & Light PSE&G Services Corp

Ontario Power Generation

  LG&E & KU Energy  

Pacific Gas & Electric

Nebraska Public Power District


Southern California Edison

  NV Energy  

Southern Company


 OG&E Energy Corp


 Tennessee Valley Authority

 Omaha Public Power District

Xcel Energy

  Pepco Holdings, Inc    

 Westar Energy


* A number of other electric utilities chose to review the data in 2013 and consideration participation in 2014.  Data entry will start in March-April, 2014

If your company is interested in joining these electric utilities, visit our Electric Utility HR & Talent Acquisition web site at  and/or contact us at  / 919-367-9040.


See the EU-HRCP Charter.  The committee provides oversight to HR Strategies & Solutions, Inc (project management company) and determines the direction of the group and conference agendas.

EU-HRMG - Electric Utility HR Metrics Group (S004-2)  - STEERING COMMITTEE
Nuclear Utility Name Title

Duke Energy

Frank Johnson

HR Consultant

Omaha Public Power District

Carl Olsen

Manager - HR Compliance

Arizona Public Service

David Heler

Manager HR Strategies & Projects

Entergy Services Inc

Becky Wollman

Manager HR Data

Pepco Holdings, Inc

Casandra Allen

Testing Exec/Talent Strategy Consultant

Southern California Edison

Mike Manning

Manager HR Strategy, Planning & Finance -HR

Southern Company

David Slicker

Operations Analyst

Westar Energy

Caroline Feldhausen

Manager HR Communications & Process


Rick Habegger

Project Manager (previous Manager HR, FPL)



The following documents are available on the following zip files (see above)

Grp Year . #

Document Title/Heading



1.0) EU-HRCP CHARTER-HISTORY-SURVEY PROTOCOL zip file                                                                                                          


Electric Utility HR Community of Practice Group - Charter & ByLaws 2013

A charter for the EU-HRCP including charter, history, steering committees


EU-HRCP - History & Benefits

History and Benefits of EU-HRCP


EU-HRCP Survey Protocol Guide

Survey Protocol for EU-HRCP to conduct surveys during the year

1.0 EU-HRCP DOCUMENTS  (Electric Utility HR Community of Practices)         

EU-HRCP13.1.4 (1A & 1B)

2013 Vendor Presentation (HRCP13.2.1A)

2013 Vendor One-Page Bios (HRCP13.2.2B)

Eight vendors recommended by the electric utility industry.  Vendors sponsor the breaks and off-set costs for the 19th Annual Conference


 The following documents are available by request only (to all utilities that provide data)




A-1)  Electric Utility  HR Org Charts

Electric Utility HR Organization Charts-2013 (27 Electric Utilities)

HR Org Charts were sent to participating electric utilities.

A-2) TAG Comparison

EU-TAG HR Resources & Methods

Comparison by Electric Utilities on Resources and Methods used in TAG

A-3) 2013 HR Metrics Report & Raw Data

2013 HR & TAG Metrics Annual Report (Vemo Inc)  - Year End Data - 2012

EU-HRMG and EU-TAG Vendor is Vemo, Inc

A-4) Demo Scorecard-Tool

2013 Demo of Scorecard - Query Tool & Example Company - Vemo, Inc

Initial Raw Data replaced with  Query Builder for add’tl analysis:

A-5) HR Metrics Raw Data-2012

2013 HR Metrics & TAG FINAL RAW Data- Year End Data - 2012

Initial Raw Data

A-6) Scorecard Example


Initial Raw Data that is now replaced with  Query Builder for additional analysis

A-7) 2013 HR Metrics  Guide

2013 HR & TAG Metrics  Data Entry Guide  - Vemo, Inc -  Year End Data

Data Entry Guided including definitions (for 2013 Data Entry) – Vemo Inc.

A-8) HR Metrics Raw Data

Vemo Query Builder Guide

Vemo Query Builder Guide for additional analysis using on-line tools (2012 data)  

A-9) 2012 HR Metrics Report & Raw Data

2012 HR & TAG Metrics Annual Report (ScottMadden) - 2011 DATA

EU-HRMG and EU-TAG Vendor during 2012 was ScottMadden,Inc

A-10.1 & 10.2) TAG Metrics

2012 TAG Metrics & Charts by Xcel Energy - Year End Data - 2011

Study presented y Xcel Energy

A-11) HR Metrics

Case Study by ScottMadden - 2011

Case study presented by ScottMadden

A-12) 2011 HR Metrics Raw Data

2011 HR & TAG Metrics Raw Data (ScottMadden) - Year End Data - 2011

Raw data collected by ScottMadden


TO OBTAIN DOCUMENTS in the EU-HRCP DOCUMENT LIBRARY Contact Rick Habegger at or call 919-367-9040 / 919-522-1521c

Note: Rick has agreed to maintain these files for the near future.



The following is a list of conferences and workshops hosted by the EU-HRCP





Mar 2001

NEI/NHRP Recruiting/HR Metrics Workshop

Recruiting Engineers for the future

Orlando, FL

May 2003


Initial Meeting HR Metrics-to consider forming

New Orleans, LA

Sep 2004

Southern Company (two meetings)

EU-HRMG Formation & 1st Metrics Meeting-Navigant

Nashville, TN

May 2005

Aquila, Westar Energy & KCP&L

EU-HRMG (2nd Meeting with Navigant-Vendor)

Kansas City, KS

Apr 2006


EU-HRMG (3rd Meeting with Navigant-Vendor)

Jacksonville, FL

Apr 2007

E.ON U.S./LG&E & KU Energy

EU-HRMG (4th Meeting with Navigant-Vendor)

Louisville, KY

Apr 2008

El Paso Electric Company

EU-HRMG (5th Meeting Navigant & ScottMadden)

El Paso, TX

Apr 2009

Nashville Electric & TVA

EU-HRMG (6th Meeting ScottMadden) & EU-TAG (2nd Mtg)

Nashville, TN

May 2010

Duke Energy

2010 16th NHRG/8th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Mtg-ScottMadden

Charlotte, NC  

May 2011

APS-Palo Verde

2011 17th NHRG/9th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Mtg-ScottMadden

Phoenix, AZ  

May 2012

Constellation Energy Nuclear Group

2012 18th NHRG/10th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Mtg-ScottMadden

Baltimore, MD  

Sep 2012


EU-HRMG (Select New Vendor-Vemo Inc)

Houston, TX  

May 2013


2013 19th NHRG/11th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conf" "

Houston, TX  

May 2014


2014 20th NHRG/12th EU-HRMG & EU-TAG Joint-Conf""

Cleveland, OH  

For more information, contact us

Rick Habegger, Principal (Previous HR Manager-Florida Power & Light; and

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